Unique Pottery that Grows with You

Functional ceramic objects that inspire and grow with you. Everything offered is microwave and dishwasher safe. New Products added bi-monthly

Ceramics - Primal and Visceral

Handmade Wood Fired Ceramics

Wood fired ceramics offer a visceral experience into the past. The tactility... 

New Arrivals

New Featured Products available for purchase. Hand crafted ceramic tableware. Wood fired... 

A little something of what I do

  • Wood fired Maggie Connolly Ceramics

    Something is old much longer than it is New

    The newness of a recent purchase fades quickly. In Japanese, this feeling of the fine evolution of age is called sabi. The longer you hold onto a piece of high craft, the more you notice, the more you mutually interact.

  • Wood fired Maggie Connolly Ceramics

    Not about Perfection

    Just like people, perfection is a figment of imagination. Subjective perfection only exists in the eye of the beholder. That is not to say quality is sacrificed.

  • A Personal Expression

    Every object is an art object. Unique and singular. You will not find similar pieces anywhere. What makes our work different? Careful consideration is given at every step of the process.